Text Neck (the video)

Text Neck is a dark comedy about how Smartphones are changing our bodies and minds. In an episodic video, we follow 9 people as they navigate new ways of interacting, communicating and just being in the age of the Smartphone.

Through humor, physical empathy and emotion, Text Neck involves participants and audience in conversation about behaviors developing in tandem with Smartphone technology. The project takes its name from a repetitive strain injury caused by dropping your head forward while looking down at mobile devices. Perhaps you’re feeling it as you read this?

Text Neck grew organically out of collaboration and improvisation. By interviewing 40 people about their Smartphone habits, collecting ideas and anecdotes, David Politzer and his team created scene outlines; some with a developed narrative, others were like open-ended questions: “What if we did this?” The result is both a cautionary tale and a love letter to the Smartphone.