Fictional press release sent out to announce Outdooria:

Houston, February, 2023: Government entities have taken to using every available tool to maximize potential outcomes of climate change. The National Parks Service (NPS) tasked selected artists to envision how the US system of parks can continue to serve the public as natural areas shrink and/or become unsafe. David Politzer is one such artist helping the public understand how the NPS can remain relevant as the Anthropocene cements itself in geologic history.

“It’s a process of selecting for desired traits. Kind of like making new strains of fruit, or like a dog breeder who chooses a certain animal to mate because she’s got a good sniffer.” Politzer says of his process.

He uses powerful computer applications and artificial intelligence to assess and refashion doomsday scenarios. He creates new realities where human ingenuity has harnessed disaster, or at least made lemons into lemonade.

“How can we benefit from global catastrophe? You know? Like, what’s the bright side of mass extinction?” Through a unique blend of science, design, and the realities of human-caused devastation, Politzer creates blueprints for the future of the NPS.

The images offer glimmers of hope in each proposal. In Portals of the Passamaquoddy, a giant, rocky crevasse rises from the ground. It’s intimidating but also irresistibly curious. One can imagine visiting and being swallowed by its majestic granite walls. The NPS hopes that images like this will ultimately help shape Department of Interior (DOI) policy. As natural areas become hazardous, the need for models of safe, managed access will be critical.

Your National Parks Service, with the help of artists like David Politzer, is expanding the potential of our precious parks for your timeless enjoyment. Together, they aspire to carve a tunnel through the Anthropocene to a light on the other side.

The exhibition will include 14 images of proposed parklands and several gridded floral and geological illustrations. Contact the artist for more information: davideo@davideology.com